Vacation Care Incursions

Kids Love to Cook offer two workshop options designed specifically for your Vacation Care groups where we can cater for groups of 30-150 kids:

1. Interactive Presentation

2. Hands on cooking workshop

1. Interactive Presentation

With a focus on fresh, healthy foods and cooking, this 90 minute presentation is broken into 4 segments, with the kids getting a hands on chance to get involved in both the presentation, and in group work.


             Menu Item 1 - Interactive

A selection of menu items are demonstrated with help from volunteers - 

Kids have an opportunity to taste the varieties made, with samples being offered at the end. 

2.            Group Activity - What’s the Difference?

The kids are broken into small groups and each child is provided a sample plate of similar but different vegetables and fruits. 

The children have to determine which foods they are tasting.  Children do not have to participate in this activity by eating, but can simply watch the others in their group.

3.            Menu Item 2 Interactive

Choose between Bliss Balls, Mexican 7 Layered Salsa Cups,  Greek Salad, Layered Muesli Fruit Cups, Stir Fried Vegetables.

The Presenter makes the chosen item, with the assistance from a volunteers.  The ingredients are discussed.

A sample of the menu item is offer to each child at the end of the entire session.  Menu items can include non-diary, vegan, and Gluten Free versions.

4.            Group Activity - Taste Sensation Activity

The kids are broken into small groups again, and each group is provided with 5 samples of Sweet Sour, Salty, Bitter and Umami, with a worksheet.  The kids taste each item, then mark their guess on their worksheet.


5.           Q and A Session

Children are given the opportunity to ask questions regarding food, cooking, healthy snacks.


2. Hands On Cooking Workshop

Children get hands-on in a practical cooking workshop.

The presenter demonstrates the recipe, then walks the kids through the recipe in a step by step process.  Safety practises, skill development and tasting skills are covered in this workshop

All equipment, ingredients, aprons and recipes are provided by our team. Children will be given ‘Safety Kutters’, which are knives that are specifically designed for younger children whereby they cannot cut themselves.  

  • In each 1 hour session, we work with up to 30 students, then repeat the session to cover all the students.  For example - If your centre has 75 students, we would run 3 x sessions with 25-30 students in each group. 
  • We can make adjustments to the menu to suit children with specific requirements, such as dairy free, lactose free, gluten free, Halal, egg allergy. Alternatively, if you have a menu item suggestion, please discuss with staff so we can determine whether it is suitable.
  • We will require access to tap/sink, trestle tables for the kids to work at, so that each child has their own work space, and two demonstrating tables at the front.  We do not require chairs, as these pose a risk hazard.  As we are working with food, we require the session to be run indoors.

Kids Love to Cook is covered by Public Liability Insurance, all our Team members have current First Aid and Food Safety Supervisor certificates and a NSW Working With Children Checks.  Please advise if you need to have copies of these forwarded prior to commencement of a workshop.

To find out how you can bring the Kids Love to Cook team to your centre for a vacation care workshop please contact us.

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