Preschool and Long Day Care Incursions

Workshop for Preschool and Long Day Care Centres:

The Cooking and Food Preparation Workshop runs for approximately  50 minutes - 1 hour.  Due to the age of the children in these preschool and long day care centres groups we offer cooking 2 menu items.  All participating Children will make the same 2 items and eat what they have cooked at the end of the workshop. 

We work with up to 25 students per workshop session, depending on the group size we will then repeat the session to cover all participating students.

The cost of the overall workshop is based on the number of students participating (not the number of sessions required)

For example, for a group of 75 students, we would run 3 x one hour session, with 25 students in each. The total cost of this workshop would be 75 x $15 = $1125.

Most sessions can be structured so that the students are grouped into small broken   of 4, however, most of our menu items allow for student to work individually. as with 

Below is a list of all available menu items for the workshop, with the most popular items marked with a * ,  any combination of items can be selected, simply choose 2 for your specific workshop :


Menu Items:

* Healthy Bliss Balls

* Fruit Salad Skewers

Fruit Smoothies

* Fruit and Yoghurt layered cups

* Soft shell tacos

* Loaded Nachos

Tuna salad boats

Muesli cups with fruit and Yoghurt

Veggie Pops

* Sandwiches on a stick

* Animal Sandwiches

* Salad cups

Strawberry shortcakes

* Berry Yoghurt Tarts

* Fresh Fruit Spring Rolls





















All workshop menu items can be adjusted to cater for children with specific requirements, such as Dairy free, Lactose free, Gluten free and Halal.

Our team require access to a tap and/or sink, tables for the students to work at, so that each child has their own work space, and two demonstrating tables at the front. 

Kids Love to Cook is covered by Public Liability Insurance, our presenters have current First Aid and Safety Food Supervisor certificates and all our staff have NSW Working with Children Checks. 

If you have a smaller group, we suggest that you combine with another class to make it more cost effective. 

For more information or to book a workshop for you students please contact us.

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