Lunchbox Tips - Wraps

Another Idea for Lunches are Wraps, made from any type of flat bread.

Naan, tortillas, pita bread etc can all be filled with delicious fillings and included in a lunchbox.  

Some tips with wraps:

a.  Place a piece of cling wrap down on the board first, then place the flatbread on top then fill.  Roll up the wrap and secure with the cling wrap, and use a rubber band to keep it closed if needed. 

b.  Use lettuce leaves or a drier filling as the base, then keep wetter ingredients such as tomatoes) towards the middle.  No one likes a soggy wrap.  

c.  Ideas for fillings include:  ham, coleslaw, cheese, grated carrot, bean sprouts, potato salad, rice salad, falafel, meatballs, tuna, boiled egg.

PS.  if your child is under 7, check that they are able to open their cling wrap to eat it.  Make it at home over the weekend and do a practise run.

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