Lunchbox Tips - Pack the Night Before

When you first have to pack lunches for your first child, it can be deceptively exciting.  The fancy lunchboxes, the individually packed items - so cute, you say - so easy - you say .....  until the 40th lunchbox pack and the novelty has worn off.

Preparation is the key to success in everything.  try to allow 1 hour over the weekend to prep for the week.  Write down what lunchbox fillers you are going to have, then write a shopping list for what you'll need.  If you can plan 2 weeks ahead - then it makes it easier for next weekend.

*   Why not keep it simple - have a revolving fortnightly menu list.  No thinking required then - for the entire term!

*   Remember to plan to Cook twice the amount of food, 3 nights per week.  That gives you some leftovers to use for lunches, but also gives you an easy meal for those nights that you're out being the kids taxi.

Pack lunches the night before.  Simply tack this on to the end of cleaning up the kitchen each night.  Put lunchboxes in the fridge, for the kids to take out in the morning.  

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