Lunchbox Tips - Muffins

Muffins are a guaranteed hit in kids’ lunchboxes.

What's not to love - they are dessert like, and easy to hold. 

Muffins CAN be a sweet item, but they can also be super healthy. Here’s what to look for in a healthy muffin recipe:

·         Whole grains (like rolled oats and whole wheat flour)

·         Lower sugar (I prefer recipes that keep added sweeteners to under ⅓ cup)

·         Unrefined oils (like butter, olive oil, or coconut oil.)

When you pack muffins in lunchboxes, pair them with a hard-boiled egg or a piece of cheese , plus a fruit and veggie, to make a balanced lunch.

If you freeze them, make sure to transfer one to the fridge the night before you plan to send it in to school, so it has time to thaw.

We have included below the links to some delicious muffins.  Kids will LOVE to get involved in the making of these muffins.  They will be more inclined to eat a delicious hot muffin, straight from the oven (even if it contains some fabulous veggies!)

Apple Muffins 

Recipe courtesty of Super Healthy Kids.

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