Lunchbox Tips - Leftovers

Leftovers - we all seem to have a bunch of plastic containers at the back of the fridge.

Tip - Cook double 3 nights of the week.  Freeze for a future meal, or use the leftovers in the lunchboxes.

Remember that the leftovers need to be easy to eat.  Do they need a plastic fork or can they eat it with their finger?.  Kids will simply not eat if the food is too difficult to eat, or is too messy.  One of my daughters had a yoghurt spill on her uniform when she was about 7 years old.  She refused to take yoghurt to school again - ever!  

There is a lot going on in little kids minds during lunch.  For an adult to pick up a fork and eat a pasta salad is a simple exercise.  For a 6 year old to sit on a silver bench seat and try to manage this, is altogether too difficult.  Keep things achievable.

Leftovers that are fabulous lunchbox fillers:

1.  Falafel / Meatballs  / Dumplings / Sushi

2.  Fritters / Pancakes / Quiche / Frittata

3.  Spring Rolls / Pastries / Ravioli 

4.  Chicken schnitzels / Crumbed Fish  (sliced up)

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