Lunchbox Tips - Finger Food

Unlike the author of this picture, most parents do not have time to cut their childs sandwiches into shapes ready for Instagram.  If you do, I'm sure that they would love it.  

What we love about this lunchbox is that there is:

a.  Crunch and Sip food - carrots, celery and strawberries.

b.  Starchy Food - Sandwiches - these can be eaten at either break.

c.  Sweet Food - Muffin - this can be eaten at either break and can contain fruits and vegetables.  it can also be made ahead and frozen.

d.  Snack Food - Popcorn - popcorn can be bought in individual packs and popped in the lunchbox.  Another tip with popcorn is that you can make it yourself at home, and pack in snack sized zip bags.  It's budget friendly and you know exactly what's in it.

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