5 Ideas for Kids to Cook on school holidays.

So it’s been a couple of weeks of summer fun and it’s been hot hot hot here in Sydney. 

No one wants to cook. We want to eat cool food, eat ice cream and drink iced tea and kombucha- well that’s me anyway. 


Everyone is at home in the day and I’ve found myself preparing lunch food from my childhood, which has been interesting. Today I served boiled eggs, beetroot, salad and pulled out a can of tuna. To move things out of the 1970’s, my daughter made bruschetta and we had leftover pizza that I cut up and served cold. 


From next week onwards normality kicks in but the kids have lots of time on their hands. So we’ve put together a list of the top 5 things to Cook in Summer. 


  1. Choc Chip Cookies. I came home yesterday and my 14 year old had baked these with her friends. 
  2. Smoothies- use a blender, shaker or hand mixer to make these if you haven’t got a fancy Nancy NutriBullet. 
  3. Rice Paper Rolls- grab a couple of packs from the supermarket, along with some rice vermicelli noodles. Keep it simple- use ingredients you’ve got at home, such as lettuce, carrot, cucumber, leftover chicken , lamb or beef, or boiled eggs. 
  4. Scones- it’s simple, sticky fun! Remember the less the dough is handled- the softer the scone. 
  5. Bruschetta - pop the bread in the toaster to lighten up. The topping is perfect for Summer lunches. 


Set clear boundaries before the kids cook. 

We always say at our workshops ‘if you’re old enough to cook- you’re old enough to clean’. 


Enjoy making memories. 



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